Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week Twelve: Final intensive week

In our last week we finished up a lot of carpentry projects and some stone work: window trim, window bench seat, live edge siding and stone window sills.

In the second part of the week we did finish plaster and clay paint before a whirlwind cleanup and open house on Friday followed by our graduation ceremony.

finished plaster wall

touching up some finish plaster details

Finish plaster over the wattle and daub wall

These are the pigments for the clay paint

This is the truth window (acrylic set into plaster)

After a deep cleaning before the open house guests arrived and touched the fresh plaster walls a little too much...

It was a great summer and a great project! There may be some follow up posts, but the program is done and we've all gone back to our lives outside the Yesterworld- finishing/starting school, old and new jobs, job hunting and farming.

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