Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week Eleven: Stone Masonry (part 2)

We actually made a fireplace and chimney and finished it with plaster in 1 week (we even started after lunch on Monday, so more like 4.5 days!) Go us, and it looks great!

The bottom part of the fireplace- with a curve to complement and circumnavigate the window in the waddle and daub wall.

The waterfall I did where the fireplace and bench meet

That's me, plastering up the chimney!

Al pretzeled his way into the tight spot behind the beam

At the end of the day we cleaned up, had some beer and tested the fireplace- it worked (but of course!). It drew really well straight up the chimney.

This is on top of the roof- when the mortar has set a bit then the large cap stone will be placed on top (it's really heavy so it would have just squeezed out all the fresh mortar.

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