Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week Two: Timberframing (part three) Raising Day!

Raising the first bent into place.

Bringing up the rafter plates

The two hemlock tiebeams which span the whole structure are too heavy for us to lift so we got a backhoe to lift them into place while people at either end guided the mortise and tenon together.

The students took over the raising after this section was together- asking the instructors to let us put what we learned to use. They said if we could do it we'd get beer!

Almost done!

A group pictures at the end of the day. The small branch at the peak of the end of the roof is an old druid tradition giving thanks for the trees used in the construction. As the "fair maiden" of the class I was asked to tack it to the highest point on the structure.

We were successful!

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