Sunday, June 21, 2009

Week three: deconstruction


what we're taking down:
This shed is on the side of a building that the owners recently purchased and plan to renovate. The floor is caving in and the plaster has all but fallen off the lath walls

We began with removing the interior finish then moved to the exterior finish- leaving structural members and sheathing in place.

Then we removed the roof and rafters and began taking apart the exterior walls. The wall with the double doors didn't have much to salvage so it was sawn off and tossed into the dumpster while the long sheathing boards on the long face of the shed were carefully removed, denailed and put in the "save" pile.

When we finished all that's left is the original clapboard on the corner of the house and a dry stone foundation. We left a portion of the wall up next to the porch to support the roof.

Things salvaged from the building (the whole point of deconstruction):

denailing boards for reuse

windows and doors are generally salvageable but not always reuseable because of codes. most of this stuff will be reused for agricultural projects like barns and outbuildings

interesting pictures taken on site:
Abandoned toys and a large butterfly that was dead in this spot the next morning (see the missing chunk on it's right wing).

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