Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 0 - Getting to Yestermorrow

When driving to Yestermorrow do not take the directions on google maps! The address used for mail is not the same (though it somehow ends at the same place) as the actual address! It is better to follow directions from the Yestermorrow website. It was guesstimated to take 6 hours and it took me about 7 including stopping to refill the tank, bathroom breaks and slight detour of getting lost because I got the google map directions. I missed out on the facilities tour but made it just in time for dinner... which was delicious!

I am staying in the timber cabin (pictures to follow when I get my camera battery charged) and as the only girl I have it all to myself. For lack of dressers I'm planning to make piles of clothes on the table so I have a visual reminder of when it's time to do laundry!

The cabins are located in the woods along with tent platforms and sites for pitching tents. On the west side of the field just off route 100 is the main Yestermorrow building. Constructed in a railroad fashion you enter the foyer with offices and conference room. Through the first door you enter to a hall between the open space of the wood shop below and the student kitchenette (don't let the -ette deter you, it's a full kitchen with stove, oven, double basin sink, toaster over, microwave crowded fridge and wall hung drainboards which were stacked with clean dishes jenga style the first night I arrived. The following room is a long studio with a clerestory window along the length of the room. There is a decently sized and stuffed library in the studio space and several desks for design classes. At the end of the hall is the kitchen where Heidi makes delicious meals for students on the meal plan (I'm thinking about signing up for the commuter meal plan which is only lunches) and stairs leading to the lower level of dorm rooms, laundry facilities and bathrooms and showers (which thankfully the cabin and tent site students can use!)

After dinner and conversation everyone went their separate ways. I climbed into my loft and sleeping bag, and turned off my headlamp. I don't remember trying to fall asleep because it happened so fast in the quiet dark of the forest.

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